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My six-year-old daughter gave me an important lesson about consent - by Cat Rodie, Daily Life, August 8th 2017

Be outraged at the abuse of children, not at one mother's efforts to protect her daughter - Sydney Morning Herald, March 3rd 2017

'Does anyone know what private means?': sex abuse prevention for kids and parents - The Age, February 16th 2017


Along with recent appearances on Mornings with Wendy Harmer - ABC 702 Sydney, Deanne has made a number of appearances on radio:

An Interview with Greens MP, John Kaye and Deanne Carson by Mandie Sami - ABC, May 6th 2015

An Interview on the Drive ABC Show - ABC Sydney, May 6th 2015, Listen to it here.

Print Media


Victory for Melbourne mum who wanted her daughter to wear pants at school - by Alexandra Carlton, Kidspot, May 16th 2016

Mitchell Pearce is part of a lost generation of men - Jenna Price, The Age, February 1st 2016

We need to teach young girls to say 'no' - by Jenna Price, Daily Life, November 26th 2015

Calls to remove ‘dangerous’ books from public schools by Robert Bellantyne - The Eductator, May 7th 2015

How Sex Education is Failing our Young People by Nina Funnell - The Daily Telegraph, May 7th 2015

Christian Schools Australia CEO condemns Anglican church over sex-ed course by Jenna Price - Daily Life, May 6th 2015

Horrific Sex Ed Book Is Teaching Girls to Fear Gay People and Short Skirts by Hannah Ongley, Stylite, May 6th 2015

Offensive AF 'Teen Sex By The Book' Being Taught In NSW Public Schools by Claire Bracken - Pedestrian, May 6th 2015

Scripture classes: Calls for crackdown on public schools by Rachel Browne - Sydney Morning Herald, May 6th 2015

Do soft drinks cause pimples because it's fizzy?

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