Deanne Carson authored a report titled, "A critical analysis of the text series, you: an introduction". Released on October 19, 2015.

Last year, Deanne authored a report titled, "Review: Teen Sex by the Book". Released on May 6th, 2015.


The Sexual Cultures 2 conference

This conference was held at the University of Sunderland, London in April 2015. Conference paper: Sexuality education models: 'censorship' of mediated sex; media literacy and 'educated choices' by Deanne Carson.

The Australian Forum on Sexuality, Education and Health conference

This conference was held at the Western Sydney University, Sydney in November 2015. Conference paper: Australian sex ed health check: influences on its delivery and content, and (in)formal school gender policies by Deanne Carson.


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Why it's not OK for a stranger to touch my baby - Pinky McKay, September 8th 2015

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In 1969 a group of ‘unmarried mothers’ banded together to challenge the systems and social attitudes preventing single women from raising their own children.
We did change the system, we did change forever society’s view of ‘unmarried mothers’ and ‘illegitimate children’, we did win almost equal rights to income support and we did win almost equal rights for our children.

Copies can be purchased from the Council of Single Mothers and their children:

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Single But Not Alone: The First 40 Years of the Council of Single Mothers and Their Children
Do soft drinks cause pimples because it's fizzy?

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