Deanne Carson is a leading Australian sexuality educator, researcher, speaker, author and ultimate keeper of a straight face when dispelling children's misconceptions about bodies and baby making. (read more...)
Naked Truths. This is NOT just another cyber safety workshop!


November, 2016

Deanne spoke at Macquarie University in Sydney about young people and sexual agency.

Deanne was also invited to present at the University of Melbourne for the 36th annual Australian Skeptics National Convention.

Respectful relationships and family violence

Teaching assertive communication and bodily autonomy to young children can help stem the tide of family violence.

In her article, Jenna Price interviews Deanne Carson on teaching children from an early age about respectful relationships, consent and body autonomy:

We need to teach young girls to say 'no' - by Jenna Price, Daily Life, November 26th 2015

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