Deanne Carson is a leading Australian sexuality educator, researcher, speaker, author and ultimate keeper of a straight face when dispelling children's misconceptions about bodies and baby making. (read more...)
Deanne has presented research papers at Australian and international conferences and has authored reports analysing educational resources.
She has co-written a book and also regularly writes articles for various publications, covering topics such as body safety, consent, protective behaviours, respecttful relationships, sexuality education, social media and the Child Safe Standards.
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Click to watch Deanne Carson on SBS Insight 8.30pm Tuesday 8 Aug

Click to watch Deanne Carson on SBS Insight 8.30pm Tuesday 8 Aug



Friday, 26th May, 2017

Deanne represented Body Safety Australia at the 2017 Early Childhood Education Conference together we grow – the child in focus.

As part of the conference, Deanne presented a paper titled:

The role of the early childhood educator in promoting all children’s wellbeing and resilience through whole community engagement with body safety education

Respectful relationships and family violence

Teaching assertive communication and bodily autonomy to young children can help stem the tide of family violence.

In her article, Jenna Price interviews Deanne Carson on teaching children from an early age about respectful relationships, consent and body autonomy:

We need to teach young girls to say 'no' - by Jenna Price, Daily Life, November 26th 2015

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