Deanne is a leading Australian sexuality educator, researcher, speaker, author and ultimate keeper of a straight face when dispelling children's misconceptions about bodies and baby making.*

Sexuality education is partnership between parents, schools and professionals.

At Unique, it’s our job to provide children with facts while parents provide children with the values that make the facts meaningful. We will affirm the child who says that God made sure that the exact right egg and sperm came together to create her, and also affirm the child whose same-sex parents were gifted sperm from a donor to complete their families. 

All Deanne's classes, workshops and speaking engagements are inclusive of same-sex attracted, sex and gender diverse young people and their families. They celebrate young people from all family structures, cultures and faiths.



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Approaching 'taboo' topics with compassion, understanding and factual information, Deanne's presentations are free of judgement, shame or shock tactics.

She has presented research papers at Australian and international conferences covering topics such as body safety, consent, body safety, sexuality education, and social media. 

Deanne encourages people to identify their values, and offers tools to help them live in a way that is congruent with those values.



Body Safety Superstars


Evidence-based programs to empower and educate children, their families and professionals on body safety and protective behaviours. 

Unique You


Unique You supports young people's relationship and sexuality education that is responsive, inclusive and age-appropriate. 

Naked Truths


Naked Truths hat it directly addresses how digital media has shaped young people's exploration and expression of sexuality. 


“Deanne was calm, she was so natural ... she was so grounded. I was amazed that even the boys were listening. It was so well done. She was amazing, absolutely amazing!”

- Anon Year 6 Parent, Melbourne, 2017


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* Responses include: 

  1. "No, you won't get pregnant if you eat apple seeds" (Grade 2)

  2. "Mothers don't vomit their babies up" (Grade 3)

  3. "It's a nice idea to invent waterproof pads for swimming but it has an inherent design flaw" (Grade 5)

  4. "And thanks for letting me know that some people use vibrators for stress relief" (Grade 6)