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Thank you for a seamless, relaxed and thoroughly enjoyable evening. You delivered a great program with humour, sensitivity and clarity.
— Karen A - parent
Deanne was calm, she was so natural ... she was so grounded. I was amazed that even the boys were listening. It was so well done. She was amazing, absolutely amazing.
— anonymous parent
We had two fantastic sessions again last night. Deanne is a wonderful presenter.
— Annette D - Head of Junior School
You are really good because you don’t make people feel awkward. You help people.
— anonymous year 6 student
I would like to pass on a great thank you to Deanne Carson who has done a fabulous job over the past three sessions with the year sixes. The students responded really well to her and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. We will definitely want her back next year.
— Valerie M - primary teacher
I was really impressed at the way the presentation was carried out. There was so much alignment with the message we try to send our parents but I felt the impact you had, as a professional in this field, was greater than we have had in the past...

The pace of your content delivery was great ... you handled some of the trickier questions with poise and it is clear that you have good clarity about the best way to go about these conversations with children.
— Matthew F - Year 6 teacher
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